MS Windows program „Cyclotron 1.0”



Kriss Jaxa
Visby, Sweden
Contact: JaxaSoft...


Program description:

Cyclotron: screen dump This Cyclotron program requires MS Windows.
If you learn play guitar, drums or sing, you may want to loop some part of a tune, over and over again. „Cyclotron” is a program that uses Windows Media Player and adds some loop control to it.

„CyclotronSetup.exe” is a setup program, you need to be administrator to be able to install this program.

Installation / Removing:

Installation: Download & start setup program CyclotronSetup.exe (MD5 checksum: e2bc35f6b54b2f297a433274caf35b4a, size: 262095 byte).

After downloading the file, (if you're afraid that file could be tempered) check it's size, you can check file's digital „fingerprint” - MD5 check sum, e.g. on line http://sha1md5checksum.bugaco.com/cryptocalc/index.html, your checksum must be identical with the value above.

Removing: Use standard Windows uninstall facility.

Terms of the use:

The program is free, no registration is required. When distributing the program it is necessary to note that the program is owned (copyrighted) by JaxaSoft.
You can donate money if you like this program.



The first time you have to choose a tune: from menu New choose Open (or direct: Ctrl + O).

Simultaneously, first loop control adds to program window, you can edit it and/or add more controls (from the menu New/Loop, or faster: Ctrl + L).

To remove a loop control, right-click with the mouse on it and then Delete.

Tunes together with loops can saves in the (predetermined) file „Cyclotron.bin” in the „My Music” folder. Then, you can use the menu „Saved Loops” to load your settings. menu Saved Loops