MS Windows program „Integer factorization using ECM/SIQS 1.0.”

Writen by Dario Alejandro Alpern in Java, translated to C# by Kris Jaxa.



Kris Jaxa
Visby, Sweden
Contact: Kris


Program description:

Integer factorization of numbers up to 1000 digits. The program uses second and third known fastest general-purpose factorization algorithm – Self Initializing Quadratic Sieve (SIQS) (Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadratic_sieve) and Elliptic Curve factorization Method (ECM) (Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenstra_elliptic_curve_factorization).

„EcmSetup.exe” is a setup program, you need to be administrator to be able to install this program. Help is included in the program.

Program needs Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.5.

Ecm factorization: screenshot Screenshot – the program in action – factorization of a random written number.

Installation / Removing:

Installation: Download & start setup program EcmSetup.exe (size: 304806 byte, MD5 checksum: 80615988d554ca8879ae1fd301a1f925).

After downloading the file, (if you're afraid that file could be tempered) check it's size, you can check file's digital „fingerprint” - MD5 check sum, e.g. on line http://sha1md5checksum.bugaco.com/cryptocalc/index.html, your checksum must be identical with the value above.

Removing: Use standard Windows uninstall facility.

Terms of the use:

The program is free, no registration is required. Source code and files for VS 2012: ecmFactSource.zip