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Kriss Jaxa
Visby, Sweden
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current version 5.0 CR1

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Program description:

Genesis is the complete program to collect and present genealogic data. Specially adapted for nobleman's families, but it is possible and easy to omit this adjusting. The author developed it by approx. 3 year for own use, an example with over 2400 persons: Kriss family (dynamic) version.

Genesis program consists of three parts:

Ways to use Genesis: Genesis
  1. Simplest variant: local database and only Silverback.
  2. As (1), plus you use the program to generate html pages, which you can watch locally (on your own computer) or put on the account that Internet users usually have already (ask your Internet provider if you don't know) as a part of Internet service. Example, see: Kriss family (static) version.
  3. And at least, most advances variant, in which html pages are generated dynamically from the database.
    You can watch these pages only on your computer but if you want that other people could see results of your work, you need access to web server, your own, or more likely, accessed throw Web hosting service.
    Hiring of such account, and usually buying own WWW domain costs a little (if you not bother advertisements, you can, probably, find appropriate account for free or reduced price), but such dynamic approach gives possibility of e.g. show pedigree for actually reviewed person, current anniversaries, etc.

Which variant should you choose? If you plan to work only locally, the best is to choose dynamic approach (3). It provides the most features and is easiest to use.
In the case of Web site, it depends of how big is your database - more than 1000 persons and you are prepared to hire an account? Choose dynamic site, otherwise static. You can use all of these methods independently.

More features: Terms of the use:

Programs are free, no registration is required. When distributing the program it is necessary to note that the program owns (copyright) by JaxaSoft.
You can donate money if you like this program.

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