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Part 1 - Installation and configuration of the SQL database - if you already have this program installed, go to part 2

All data (except binary files like images, pdf, docs. etc.) are saved in Microsoft SQL database. For home use, you can successfully use the free „Express” version of this server. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 use SQL 2012 Express, for Windows XP - SQL Server 2008 Express R2 RTM.

Basically, Sql server works automatically.

Note that to have your data in the MS Sql database can provide extra benefits (if you can Sql script): it is possible to write Sql queries on database level and produce new reports, not available via Silverback.

  1. Observe! As links in p. 1 are to the Microsoft programs, we cannot guarantee, that there are actual. If you will notice that you ended up in wrong place, seek yourself, corresponding program, please.
    Installation part - necessary. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express or Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 SP2 - Express Edition
    Install this program in appropriate, for you, language and system version - 32 or 64 bits. Choose plain server version, for example, English, 64 bit version: ENU\x64\SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe. This Microsoft program is the biggest and most difficult part (on an old computer) of the whole installation. Be patient, please, this is a one-time effort.
  2. During the installation, you can keep all the default settings.
    When possible, you should use Windows Authentication (Sql server uses your Windows account). It is much more secure and easier than SQL Server Authentication.

Part 2 - Installation and configuration of Genesis

  1. Choose Components Installation part - necessary. Download and run, or run directly - the setup file GenSetup.exe.
    The setup Wizard consists of several pages, first (standard) Welcome page, and then License Agreement. Next, Choose Components page.
    Silverback is the name of the program to assemble data locally on your computer. Setup Wizard make shortcut to the Silverback on the Start Menu, optionally it can make shortcut on the Desktop.

    "Files to show Genesis help locally" - are the same help files as on the Web - you can unzip them on your computer and use off line.

    "Help files (Sql) for dynamic site" - can be handy when you will create dynamic site - (you are not on this level now).

    All you have to do is to press the "Next" button, but if you wish you can change installation folder for Silverback and (or) root folder for Genesis data.
  2. SQL connection dialog Start silverback.exe. When the program runs the first time, it asks about "Sql Server Name"; for "Express" version it will be SQLExpress (you don't need care about lower- and uppercase).
    Test the connection to the Sql server - use "Test" button. Then push "OK".

    Now Silverback detects that there is no genesis database and asks for name to create a new one.
  3. new culture Now Silverback detects that there is no language chosen and opens "New or Edit Culture" dialog.
    Press button "+" and from combo box choose language (culture) e.g. "en-US", and in the field "Name:" write English. Push button "Save".
  4. import resources If you has chosen some kind English or Swedish or Polish culture (e.g. en-UK) in the previous step, Silverback loads language resources automatically. Otherwise, you must choose one of these languages in "Manage Resources" dialog. Go to "Tools | Import resources" and in new opened window push button "Open" button open, and open suitable file *.rexp.

    Genesis, for now, has language files for English, Polish and Swedish. Even though you plan to use none of these languages, you must initially, load the resources for one of them e.g. English. Then (at any time) write (translate) all English word to language of your choice.

    If you make new language resources and believe that you master this language, then we ask you to share the result of your effort, in the menu "resources" choose "Tools" then "Export resources". The resource for chosen language writes on disk. Send, please, this file to JaxaSoft  for benefit for other people.

    Warning: No Latin base languages like Russian or Greek have not been tested and can have problems with searching and sorting.

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