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options In the main window push the button , then in the new window, you can view locations of the Genesis directories, and change some options.

directories As you can see from the picture, Genesis uses two directory structures that correspond to dynamic and static versions of WWW sites. In the directory "bilder", under "DynGen", Silverback will save all the images, used by Genesis and in the directory "coats" - coats of arms, or if you do not use them, directory will be empty. So far, do not worry about other directories in this node.

Short description of directories in the node "StatGen":

export database. In this directory Silverback writes SQL script (file with SQL commands), which depending of your choice, corresponds to recent changes, or builds the whole database from scratch. You use this script to refresh a database on your hosting account (well, if you have chosen the database driven solution).

exp/imp resources, also export/import. From this directory Genesis reads (resp. writes) "language resources", i.e. key words in some language.

language for data. If you use more than one language, you can choose in which language to show data in Silverback, e.g. for Polish and respective, English chosen: data pl
data en

use coat of arms. Check this box if you intend to use coats of arms, otherwise, coat of arms menus will be deactivated.

miniature height. This is height in pixels of miniature picture that you can make under menu photo: | New photo.

auto surnames ..i <-> ..a. In same languages (like Polish) one changes ending in surname, e.g. Kowalski (male) and Kowalska (female).

Push button "OK" to save options to the database.

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