MS Windows program „USA states”



Kriss Jaxa
Visby, Sweden
Contact: Kris


Program description:

This easy game (quiz) requires MS Windows, XP or better and mouse.

The program asks for the names of states and/or their capitals, and you have click on right point on the map of the USA.

More features:

USA map is in 3 sizes. Your display must be able to show at least 873 x 578 pixel - no problem for a computer.

This is program in its smallest size:
USA game:screen dump

Installation / Removing:

Make an empty map and unzip all the files. Possibly make en shortcut to the "USAGame.exe" for easer use.

Removing: Delete the map that contains USA game.

Terms of the use:

Programs are free, no registration is required. When distributing the program it is necessary to note that the program owns (copyright) by JaxaSoft.
You can donate money if you like this program.